Our mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of the ways by which militarism encourages violence, consumes resources, and threatens our overall well-being.

Who are we?

We are a group of people who are very concerned about the influence of the militarism in the education of our children. We want to show the people on the real face of the war and the military. We want to show the real face of militarism, not the idealized portrayal of war to youth in particular, parents, educators, and the public in general. We work to expose the negative aspects of a military presence and an ongoing recruitment in our educational institutions, including the system of promises and inducements used to entice young people into the military. We encourage the development and enforcement of policies limiting the presence of the military in our schools. We are open to all those actively working to counteract the influence of militarism in both our schools and the broader society. Just contact us with your comments and suggestion on how to collaborate with us or what do you think is important to add to our blog.