It is difficult to say whether the climate change and global warming or the intermediate threat of war and the war system as a whole pose a bigger threat to our planet at the moment. Both issues are serious problems, and if the human population wants to survive and accomplish world peace, the only way to do that is to make peace with earth as well as on earth. Both are interconnected in every way, and the only way to ensure prosperity and peace worldwide is to deal with both militarism and climate change.


The way militarism and climate change are interconnected and need to be dealt with, can be seen in the following proven facts and issues, according to the Peace and Justice Studies Association:

  • The military of the US is the largest single source of the harmful greenhouse effect on Earth, but ironically it is exempt of requirements for reporting about these harmful emissions.
  • The access to fossil fuel (oil) is actually the leading motive for all of the ongoing wars around the world. And burning this oil is what a leading factor causing the dramatic climate changes.
  • Climate change as well as the ongoing wars are the main reason for the mass emigration and is leaving large areas uninhabited while others are over flooded with refugees. This too is causing problems for the environment.
  • The imminent climate change and all the results from it will likely cause more wars, because people and countries will soon need access to water, food, normal temperatures and land.
  • The Pentagon spends more oil than 175 of the 210 countries in the world.
  • The money spent on the military and war by the US Federal Government is not used to tackle climate change instead.
  • Military spending in the US is 48% of the total world military spending. 87% of the money for national security goes for the military and wars.
  • A third of the spending by the US military is for energy supplies around the globe.
  • Even the military missions abroad are exempt from reporting their emissions
  • One out of 10 US residents lives near a Superfund priority military site which poses a huge risk on the health and the environment.
  • The Department of Defense produces more hazardous waste than the 5 biggest chemical companies in the US produce together. In fact, it is the largest single polluter in the world.

Calls are being made that the necessary measures and actions are taken in order to prevent the further destruction of the environment and to confront the root causes for militarism and wars. Also for reducing, closing down and cleaning up the US military bases abroad and cleaning them up in the US as well. Plus a call is made for dramatic reduction of the military funding and redirecting it for environmental preservation and as compensation to those countries most affected by the acts of militarism and the climate change

All and all, the activists all agree on the fact the education is crucial for de-militarization and abolition of violence.