Peace activists around the world are looking for ways to tackle militarism with education, because they consider the illiterate, the young and those with lower income to be much easier targets for recruitment by the military. The right of people to be educated to object to militarization and the creation of “military-free schools” is what the activists are striving for. Also the activists are opposed to the fact that peace activists have a limited access to schools, and members of the military do, and schools and universities is were a lot of military recruitment goes on. Also, promoting military research in universities is something they are deeply disturbed by.

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To promote their ideas and beliefs, the peace activists organize events such as International day of action for military-free education and research, or other protests and campaigns in many countries around the world.

Activists keep asking questions and discussing issues such as how to protect the vulnerable members of the communities from targeted recruitment by the military. It is a fact, that in some countries joining the army is considered a privilege, and in others it is accepted as a way to succeed and grow in society.

In many countries, especially in Africa the rate of unemployed people is growing, there is lack of access to education which can make people more vulnerable as well.

The way to tackle this problem, according to the activists is to make basic education mandatory and promoting job training for the young people, which will allow the young people in these countries to be more informed, have more opportunities and to be able to make an informed decision about joining the army.

But such measures require powerful lobbying, and for this partners and allies in the political and social leadership in the different countries is needed. Another powerful way to promote the de-militarization idea according to a lot of peace activists is through media. The problem is that the military and the military production corporations have very powerful lobbies in the highest places as well.

This is why activists have been setting up more pro-peace websites, and have been organizing more online discussions and events, so that they can reach a wider audience of people around the world, and especially the young people who have not recruited yet. This counter-recruitment is done by sharing information in the social networks and blogs, as well as during different, peaceful community events. Activists around the world are setting up educational programs for peace, some of them created for educating the teachers themselves. In Chicago for example, activists have the Chicago public schools equal access decision to get the same access to the students and teachers as the military.

All and all, the activists all agree on the fact the education is crucial for de-militarization and abolition of violence.